Preliminary program

Sunday, September 7
14.30 Vito Fragnelli (University of Eastern Piedmont) – GT with tears – Slides
16.30 Laura Cottatellucci (Eurecom) – TLC in a nutshell – Slides

MondaySeptember 8
9.00 Fioravante Patrone (University of Genova) – Some further boring game theory
11.00 Merouane Debbah (Supelec) – Introduction to self-organized small cell Networks – Slides
15.00 Mauro Barni (University of Siena) – Information theory and hypothesis testing – Slides

Tuesday, September 9
9.00 Mauro Barni (University of Siena) – Adversarial hypothesis testing: a game theoretic approach – Slides
11.00 Merouane Debbah (Supelec) – Application of Game Theory to the design of Self-Organized Networks – Slide
15.00 Konstantin Avrachenkov (Inria) – Network formation games – Slides

Wednesday, September 10
9.00 Encarnacion Algaba (University of Sevilla) – Restricted Cooperation: Application to coalitional telecommunication networks
11.00 Joaquin Sanchez-Soriano (University of Elche) – Non-cooperative games solutions for telecommunication problems – Slides

Thursday, September 11
9.00 Ilario Filippini (Polytechnic of Milano) – Competitive Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Networks – Slides
11.00 Nicola Gatti (Polytechnic of Milano) – Network Selection and Resource Allocation in Wireless Access Networks – Slides
15.00 Stefano Moretti (Dauphine University) – Coalitional games for energy saving in telecommunication networks – Slides

Friday, September 12
9.00 Joaquin Sanchez-Soriano (University of Elche) – Cooperative games solutions for telecommunication problems – Slides
11.00 Laura Cottatellucci (Eurecom) – Game theoretical methods for resource allocation at the physical layer – Slides

For Sunday 7th the appointment is at Hotel Campione at 14.00 or directly at the Galleria Civica at 14.30.

*Social events may include running sessions