The scientific committee of the Summer School “Game Theory and Telecommunication” decided to assign the fellowships as follows:
Bakli Kamel
Briata Federica
Ivashko Anna
Krouri Yacine
Mameri Aziz
Nacim Nait Mohand
Nait Saada Hamza
Owis Ashraf
Sarkar Siddhartha
Sun Huojun
Tondi Benedetta
Varga Levente
Vikram Singh Vikas

Each fellowship will consist in refunding the expenses for which you may provide documentary evidence, up to the amount of 500 (five hundreds) euros.

We ask you to confirm the acceptance of the fellowship answering to this message including in the address the secretary (gametheory@complexcomolake.it), and to register at the summer school, sending the registration form available on the web page of the school (https://gtat.lakecomoschool.org/).
You may pay the registration fee also on site (in this case please, do not fill the payment option section).

We remember you that June 27 is the deadline for booking a room at the Hotel Campione, according to the instructions on the web page. Let us know if you have preferences about the person(s) whom share the room with.

Looking forward to meeting you in Campione